Your Ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day

funny-valentines-day-love-quoteFour year’s ago I did a series of four posts in honor of the big Day O Love, which turned out to be quite popular. I guess I felt there was this need to reintroduce people to getting Valentine’s a little more right and to avoid more sulks and deep frustrated sighs that their partner’s had absolutely no idea how this whole thing worked. Plus, it’s a holiday that’s become a little less fun and more of a pressure that probably feels like an interrogation session.

You guys, it’s supposed to be fun. 

So I figure, let’s all stop insisting that it’s an over commercialized load of hog wash and get down to actually thinking that expressing your love to your partner is perhaps not a bad thing. Whether you make a huge deal about it, or a little one, everyone likes a little appreciation now and then right? Right. But if professing your undying love to your other half really leaves you feeling cold sweats and nauseous, then I’ve got a few little suggestions that might help give you a starting place.

So Ladies and Gentleman, your Ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day.

A guide for the Ladies – the low down on getting Valentine’s right for your man

Ladies, let’s get off our high horses and come down to the understanding that we really aren’t always getting it right for our men folk. Allow me to leave you with that for a moment, catch your breath and stop shouting at my blog things like “But he LOVED the leopard undies, candy heart on a stick, mushy card and teddy bear I bought him last year!” Did he? So where is that stuff now? Short of that, if you asked him what you got him last year, he might give you that panicked look of doom that sets the off the siren sound in his head and red lights because craappp trick question! I don’t know stop asking me woman!!! – he can’t remember.  Just no getting mad if you actually ask him – just contemplate your defeat at not quite getting him something he swooned over. Do this over coffee, because coffee makes things better.

It’s hard for us to admit that we can completely miss the angle for guys, but if we were all getting it right more men would be excited about Valentine’s Day. So here you are Ladies, a little guide to getting it right with your men!

10 things NOT to buy him for Valentine’s

How to make his Valentine’s memorable


A guide for the Men – all you need to know about nailing Valentine’s for your Lady

Alright guys, I’m about to de-code the female thing for you and get you operating in the right direction here to completely stay out of the dog house for Valentine’s Day. I know, the aisles at the stores are full of pink, red and white, with an infestation of hearts, making you really want to hurl and run out before you catch the need to take up arts and crafts. It stinks of mush there eh? You know this could make or break the rest of your month and send your record of days without incident either back to zero, or an all time high. No pressure. But she might cry or get all quiet and either result is probably not what you hoped for. Stop thinking that quiet might be bliss.

Here you go, a little help from the Crazy Lady in helping you score brownie points with your woman and hopefully, some brownie points in other places too when she sees what a catch she’s got. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

10 things NOT to buy her for Valentine’s 

How to make her Valentine’s Day unforgettable


I hope you guys stuff your faces with chocolates and drown in so much passion that its difficult to wake up Saturday morning without shouting out your bedroom windows how freaking awesome your partner’s are. Or at least feel the urge to bring a cup of joe to your other half in bed with a smile and an elbow nudge.

So here’s to happy dumbstruck faces all across the world this Friday! 

May Cupid strike you in the butt cheek with his arrow. Happy Valentine’s!


2 Responses to “Your Ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day”

  1. Peeps truly make a big deal about this made up holiday. I don’t know about you but I want to be loved and appreciated everyday. I love both your list on what not to get him/her for valentines day!
    Susie (The Esthetic Goddess)´s last blog post ..My Freakishly Long Eyelashes

    • mesina says:

      Yes, I too want to be loved and appreciated everyday. The holiday does get blown out of proportion, but making it fun instead of the only excuse to show your loved ones affection is the better way to celebrate 🙂 Thanks for popping by Susie and thank you!

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