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Ah the smell of a new year.  I guess for many, the new year sorta smells a lot like leftover booze which really can’t be a great way to start the new year unless you got pictures. Or at least unless someone else got pictures of you, which could be fun depending on who you are I guess. You’re right, it’s probably best no one took pictures. Especially ones of evidence that you made a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym 6 days a week and quit smoking. I’m not entirely sure you thought that one out about the gym.

Normally, I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I end up on January 2nd reasoning to myself that there is no way anyone in this entire planet could possibly give up eating chocolate forever and what the hell was I thinking I am so not ready for this and thus ending up gorging on like 500 pieces of chocolate. It’s usually not very pretty lemme tell ya. But when I was looking forward into 2011, I thought holy crap, this is totally MY year – because you see, 11 is MY number. Not just my lucky number, it’s totally mine and I’m currently working on a patent. Something totally amazing has to happen this year, or else I will abandon all ye hope here and probably spend 2012 wallowing in self pity that I missed my year. That can’t happen. It just simply can’t happen. I know what I have to do.

I have to get sexy in 2011.

I need to just say, it’s been a little while since I felt really sexy. It’s one thing to feel sexy inside,  but I’d like to feel sexy with my outside too – there’s a lot less va va voom going on with that. This really isn’t about me being too hard on myself either, this is about me reclaiming myself. I need to be reminded that before Motherhood there was just me. You know, before kids came along, revamped my body and rearranged a few key body parts. But being sexy isn’t just about looking good, you gotta feel good too. Which is why my goals for getting there aren’t about waking up at the start of 2012 looking like Claudia Schiffer, while that’s not a bad goal it’s a little unrealistic. Just a little you guys. She is hot though. No, my goals for bringing my sexy back are about the whole package, the big sha-bang – this is sexy me style, not sexy what everyone else thinks style.

So here it is, the list of things on this project to help make 2011 MY year. The year I went and got sexy back.

  • Currently my ass is edging towards the size of Texas. It’s one inch away from having it’s own capital. While big butts are bootylicious, mine isn’t quite so J-Lo and more like just got run over by a steamroller. Not sexy. Thus, I need to shed a few pounds.
  • There is nothing sexy about being tired, lethargic and lacking energy. While four kids is enough to make anyone a whack job in the mornings, I need an extra boost to stay on top of things. I have barely enough energy for them and housework and none for myself. Exercise and good diet should fix that.
  • I swear to God my wardrobe looks like it belongs to some cave woman. Nothing in my closet feels like it reflects me and I never buy clothes for myself until I have to. I usually feel guilty for buying myself clothes “just because”, but if I don’t get out of the 1990’s and the baggy shit I will never feel sexy. I will revamp my wardrobe this year. Buying it all here and there won’t be a big sting out of the finances.
  • The kids decided my boobs looked better lower down. I’m not so sure. I will own 5 bras by 2012 that put my boobs back up where they are supposed to be.


Losing weight is at the top of that list, because carrying all this excess really doesn’t do anything for my confidence. I also have had some wake up calls this year that have put things into perspective on the need to lose weight and exercise for my health. So it’s happening. For me, being sexy is all about feeling confident and looking in the mirror and being happy with the person I see. So Claudia Schiffer can totally bite me. She is hot though. Damnit.

There’s simply no need for me to go around looking like a tired, worn out Mom who looks like she’s about to hit a bottle of vodka any moment. Hell no. I want to look and feel like a Mom who is young, vibrant, energetic and not wasting her early 30’s being anything else. I have plenty of time to be tired when I’m 99. So I’m going to keep you all reguarly updated on my progress on getting sexy. If I fail and fall flat on my face, I can so drag you all down with me. Or at least show myself up to you guys, so there is some extra motivation because I really don’t think being sexy starts with looking like a total ass.

So have any of you made resolutions this year? If you’re up for sharing, tell me what it is! If, like me you have vowed to not let cake rule your life, then I’m totally here for you. If you’ve decided to share it on your blog too, give me your blog address so I can come stalk you and shout at you like a drill instructor for support…..wait…I mean I’ll come offer a supportive word or three and we can keep each other motivated. It will totally work.

12 Responses to “Project Sexy”

  1. Eva Gallant says:

    I resolved to lose weight and eat healthier in 2011. (Of course I just got back from eating a Bacon Cheeseburger, fries, and a strawberry shake at Johnny Rocket’s at the mall. My bad.

    • mesina says:

      It’s ok Eva…I totally made my resolutions with a big ass tin of chocolates. It had to be done though….just HAD to be done!!! Baby steps right?! xx

  2. Started working on the whole “getting sexy” thing a couple of weeks ago, and so far it’s going pretty well. Only because this time, instead of going crazy and saying things like “I’ll never eat carbs again and I’m going to wake up at 4 AM every day so I can spend 3 hours a day at the gym,” I was more like “Yeah, I think I’ll quit drinking soda and hit the gym like 3 times a week for a half hour on my way home from the office.”

    I’m learning that moderation can sometimes be a good thing…
    Jerry Kennedy, Blog Whisperer´s last blog post ..My Blogging Pledge for 2011 – Guest Post by Todd Pillars

    • mesina says:

      Moderation is the key. Plus, you are goin’ all kinds of sexy with that attitude! ROCK IT JERRY! It’s all about the little changes that lead to the big ones…I know you know this. You know you know this. Your body WILL know you know this. DO IT! xx

  3. Happy New Year lady! Fab resolution. I would love to cheer you on as you bring sexy back. So long as I don’t have to wear a cheerleader’s outfit. Actually, what the hell, I’ll even shake some pom poms at you.

    I’m all about the one word resolution this year. So far it’s going great. Also because I’ve made a radical change to my appearance, it’s actually pushing me to shake things up in other areas. And given me an excuse to shop and try on things I’d never ordinarily wear. Fun fun fun!

    On a side note, I encourage you, no I urge you to take up hoola hooping. It literally changed my life last year and I do think it’s some of the most enjoyment you can have with clothes on. Sound crazy? Give it a whirl, girl.
    Babes about Town´s last blog post ..Choose a One Word Resolution for 2011

    • mesina says:

      It’s not everyday some really smokin’ hot lady walks onto your blog and changes your life with a hula hoop. Only you have that kinda power Uju. Only you. I LOVE your one word resolution btw….LOVE LOVE! xx

  4. Kristy says:

    I want to be sexy too! We can do it together.
    Kristy´s last blog post ..Oops- I did it Again

  5. I want to be sexy too, count me in.
    Michelle Saunderson´s last blog post ..Just A Little Bragging

  6. zeemaid says:

    Like you I want to get sexy this year. I’m facing down the countdown to my 40th and I do not want to start the next decade whining about my weight. Plus I had health issues come up at the end of last year so I really need to get healthier. That’s my overall goal. Get healthier, lose some weight and find my mojo!
    zeemaid´s last blog post ..35 CSN Stores Gift Certificate

    • mesina says:

      You are so gonna find your mojo! And when you do Zee, you gotta tell my mojo to get the hell home! I’m pretty sure our mojos are totally hanging out together…..damn them. I’m not even gonna wish you luck doing this – I just know you ARE doing it. You go girl! xx

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