Just for you Chey

This post is in honor of Cheyenne, one of my oldest and certainly most dearest of friends back home in the states who runs a fabulous cleaning blog called Moxieclean. There we follow our trustly Moxie Queen into Domestic Goddess bliss, she blurts out her day and gives us tasks and we, as her Moxlings see if we can rise to the challenge. I have to say, as a Mom who tends to the house during the day, the blog has given me loads of ideas and things I would not otherwise have thought of. It also gives us girls (and Jacob! Hi Jacob!) a place where we can chat about the one thing that bores the crap out of our dearly beloved family… the housework. I hate cleaning and yet I do have this awesome sense of satisfaction every time I get a job done.

So Chey, just for you, I’m posting a few before and after pics of the house, so you can see all that motivation you give us all each day doing some good

WARNING: The following pictures contain actual scenes from a real family home, these are graphic in nature which some viewers may find difficult.

The Kitchen!!!!!!! Ooooooh….mah…gawd! THIS is what I found this morning waiting for me, this horrendous kitchen. Let’s see the highlights:

•Some dishes, left over from the night before and breakfast stuff, on top of pans that couldnt be washed since, we ran out of washing liquid. *sigh*
•One empty box from Holland from Maurice’s Ma (she’s so awesome)
•A dozen bits of crap, of which I have NO idea how it got there. (i.e. junk mail, bits of small toys, one of Willow’s hair clips? shower soap….wot?)
•One bottle of cleaner out waiting for me ready…bless it.
This is what I get for having 2 days of errands to run. Also the bin was actually full so instead of, I dunno, emptying it out everyone just put what needed to be bined on the counter. Lovely. However, it didn’t take me long to get this place back in order! *flex*
After Moxified (*cue Angelic Music*)

Chey like you I relish in clean surfaces, I’m much happier when it’s all out of the way and tucked somewhere in a drawer out of my sight.

The Livingroom!!!!

Let’s see, pillows totally out of place and loved in all the wrong ways. Homemade confetti on the floor made by the puppy, she’s shredding any bits of paper she finds for some sort of celebration….I’m not sure what’s going on there. An Albert Hein bag full of ”important” papers to be filed away….an entire bag wtf?! My flowers that my honey bought me that are now totally unfit for viewing pleasure. Somehow also a coat of Willow’s under the coffee table….eh? Not sure. This was how it looked when I was done…..
The After:

Look at that, even Willow was shocked! (See face in pic 2!) My dog is still trying to figure out how that floor got clean and the puppy is making evil plans for more confetti, blast her!

Chey, just for you I also took a pic of something I’m sure you’ll come to make your desktop wallpaper. BEHOLD! British cleaning supplies….I know…you love me… These are the things that make my house more tolerable.
I was never really aware I was such a Cif fan until I pulled them all out. However a bit of useless info for ya. Cif used to be known here as Jif, but due to the European market they changed the name to something more pronounceable…Cif. I guess on the continent in some of the languages Jif sounded more like Yiff. I have no idea why that’s a problem but, there ya go.

And last but certainly not least, the one thing I cannot possibly live without. The only appliance that has all my devotion, Mr. Dyson. Isn’t he dreamy?! ?
So there you have it! Pictures just for you Cheyenne, in honor of all your hard work and devotion that goes into getting our butts in gear everyday and getting our places to shine like Buckingham Palace….alright not quite that good but somewhere near!
Cheyenne, may your path smell of bleach, your counters gleam with pride and floors be ever clear. With Love, your ever faithful Moxi Friend.

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    I just need to say that this entire blog entry and every single fantabulous delicious detail was one big wanna-be British orgasm.

    I'll post more after a clove and catch my breath…

    Whew, damn. (Fans self)

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