How to make her Valentines Day unforgettable

Here we are, the third installment of the Valentine’s posts! Being that I’ve armed you with 10 things NOT to buy her this Valentine’s , I figured I could at least give you some of my own top tips to make her Valentine’s day totally unforgettable. You’ll notice this isn’t just a guide to the gifts, because honestly, you can do a lot more for her than just bringing flowers and chocolate (but not beer, cos we covered that in the other post right?)

So here we are, How to make her Valentine’s Day unforgettable and most importantly keep YOU out of the doghouse.

 Be creative. You want to know what’s more important to her than what gift your giving? It’s how you give it and how much you thought of her. We aren’t talking about gifts in terms of value, because honestly one man can rush out and drop 100 on his lady and still disappoint her. Then again you can spend a mere 20 on her and make it a night she’ll never forget (in a good way!). When it comes to the gift giving, be creative. A woman is a total sucker for a man who puts a lot of thought into what he’s giving, it shows he didn’t just run down to the nearest store and grab the first thing on the shelf. (like motor oil…*rolls eyes*)

Ideas:  She likes chocolates? Take it one step further and plant some little notes under a few of them in the box. Not just I love you’s,  maybe little things you notice about her that drive you wild. A memory perhaps of a time you spent together. Flowers? Stick a few ”coupons” in there for sex favors…rawr! Or find something totally unique that she’ll really love. You need to know your lady to get a good idea of what this could be…just remember the rules on what NOT to buy. *wink*

 It’s the little things….women notice details. Yes, we do notice when you lay out rose petals, burn essential oils to aid the mood, or remembered to play that song in the background. Those little details mean the world, because once again it shows thought and effort. Don’t worry, you don’t need to worry yourself sick over every little thing, just throw in a few good details and she’ll be all yours.

Pamper her. She loves being pampered, come on who doesn’t?! This isn’t going to break you either, which is good because no one wants to see you exhausted by the end of the night. (unless of course she’s too tired)

Ideas:  Try throwing in a relaxing  foot massage, a back rub perhaps, or run her a bubble bath by candlelight. If your tub is big enough, you two could hop in together. If not then it might even be a great time to get her in there if you have other things yet to set up  – like running off to the bedroom to make sure it’s fit for later! (i.e clean sheets, candles and errr….lick-able lube?)

 In or out? Alright for 5 seconds I want you to come back to reality here and stop being perverted. (5 seconds isn’t long…focus, focus.) Making the decision between staying in or going out is really going to depend on what you can do afford to do on the day. Decide early whether you want to treat her out to dinner, or just enjoy a romantic evening at home. The last thing you want is to decide last minute to take her out and find there’s no tables available.  You can always make reservations and cancel closer to the day if it doesn’t seem doable. (she’ll never know..shhhh) Staying in doesn’t have to seem like it’s to save a penny or two either, even if that’s the reality. Making the night indoors special will show her you just wanted a little one on one time with her, just so long as you don’t resign yourself to the fact you couldn’t take her out and then make no effort at all. Which sucks. And pretty much leaves you sitting indoors with a sulky lady. So go on, cook for her! Even if you’re total crap at it…she’ll be swooning.

 Did you say, erotic massage? Why no I didn’t, but now that you’re onto the subject….. ! Honestly, a nice romantic massage will really steam things up for you both and get you so far into her good books you won’t know what hit you. Get some massage oil to really go that extra mile and make things easier on you if you aren’t all that confident on the massage techniques. You don’t have to be a pro to fake it honey. Oils will not only show her baby I had this all planned out just for you but also allow you to massage gently and smoothly all over. Just don’t forget a towel handy to wipe her down in case she starts to panic about the sheets getting oil stained. You want her to say omg AND you thought of our sheets!? I LOVE YOU!!  Take me now!!!

 She really wants to know she’s the one for you. Ok so maybe you are a total Casanova when it comes to expressing yourself, then this one will be as easy as pie. However how do you go about telling her that she’s the most awesome hottest woman on the face of this damn planet when you’re not a Casanova? If you honestly can’t bring yourself to say those words out loud, try finding something to say it for you. Maybe there’s a song that pretty much sums it up, a poem, a card, whatever it is make sure it’s really coming from the heart. You’ll have to let her know however that it’s how you feel, so even saying something like You know I’m not very good at saying these things out loud, but I found something to say it for me. Exposing that softer side of you for 10 seconds = woman who can’t take her hands off you for the rest of the night. Just please, don’t down play it, get brave enough to really show her you mean it, even if it’s not you saying those words. I mean, it’s not like she’s got a video recorder in her bra and is going to plaster it on YouTube tomorrow….right? Don’t you dare double check…..

When it comes to gift ideas….. stuck? As stated before, being creative with even the most typical of gifts is going to score you brownie points. But if you are looking to do something beyond flowers, chocolates and teddy bears, here’s a couple of starting points. Oh and please wrap these things up specially, it really does make a huge difference. (no Happy Birthday or left over Christmas paper please…pretty please?!)

Practical wants. When you’re giving her something somewhat practical that she really wants, pair it with a soft hearted gift. For instance, if she’s a passionate painter and you buy her some new art supplies (that she’s been hinting about), maybe fill the box with little chocolates or get her a small bunch of flowers to go with it. You’re saying I know deep down you really wanted this and I wanted to get something really kick ass, but I didn’t forget it was a day of love.

Jewelry always goes down nicely, if you are prepared to buy something like that, but do know your lady well enough to know her taste. Turning up with yellow gold when she hates it will probably not go down quite as well.  

Perfume is another good traditional gift, but once again make sure it’s her perfume or that she enjoys getting treated to it. Remember also, there are three main grades of perfume…

  • Eau de toilette – This contains the lowest levels of perfume oil in it and often higher levels of alcohol. This will be the lowest in price, but does mean the scent does not last quite as long as the other types. This was originally brought out to act as a freshener to use periodically or as needed. Light fragrance, shortest lasting.
  • Parfum (Eau de Parfum) – Contains a higher level of perfume oil, meaning the scent lasts a lot longer and is perfume in a more purer form. The higher oil contents mean that the perfume sticks to the skin better and will often linger on clothing, etc for even days after. You’ll notice the significant jump in price for often a smaller bottle. Don’t be fooled, you’re not getting less for your money, as you don’t need to use half as much of this stuff as Eau de Toilette. Stronger fragrance, longer lasting.
  • Perfume ( extract or extrait perfume)– This is the rawest form of perfume. Often containing a perfume concentrate of 40-50%. This will come in a tiny bottle and is not usually sold as a spray, but in oil form to drop on, or with an atomizer. This stuff is very expensive, but will last quite a long time as you are only using a few drops as it’s so concentrated. Strongest of fragrance, longest lasting.

A day out. Perhaps a great day out would be the way to go! Sometimes, tickets to a great show, spending a day out having fun her style, is another great way to break from the traditional. But honestly, no WWE tickets please. Unless she loves seeing bad actors in hotpants…you never know!

Spa sessions or manicures. Is she really girly? Getting her hooked up with a manicure session might make her feel all giggly inside. Spa sessions are rocking presents, you can book up package deals these days pretty easily. BUT! Presenting gifts like these still require some effort in the presentation….so make sure the vouchers are inside a really nice card or small box. (Or inside that box of chocolates!)

Whatever you decide to buy or do for her this Valentine’s, the main points are to do it with effort and thought. Honestly. All she really wants is to feel special and know that she really does it for you. Besides, putting all this effort into your lady will probably mean she’ll be up for thanking you later. And you want her thanking you….*wink wink* Plus, you’ll be ”that partner” the one that all her friends will be envious over, the one that she’ll get on her mobile to and rave about. The one that will keep her winking at you for the rest of the week.

Yeah, you so wanna be ”that partner” dontcha?!

20 Responses to “How to make her Valentines Day unforgettable”

  1. Lorie says:

    I need to send my husband over to read this! ;D

    • mesina says:

      Well ladies! I hope your hubby’s got the hint!
      Karen, oh it sounds like your hubby is doing fine, what a keeper! Thanks for suggesting to tweet it, that’s really lovely of you.
      I’ll be playing Blog Catchup this weekend, so I’ll come by and say hello to you lovelies! xx

  2. Eva Gallant says:

    You have some excellent suggestions there! I think I’ll email this url to hubby…and see if he takes the hint!

  3. Oh, I’ve got some nice things over the years and we’ve had some good times. These are good ideas but it seems my husband is doing good in this area already. I am going to tweet this though.

    Visiting from SITS.
    .-= Karen & Gerard Zemek´s last blog ..10 Things We Do To Fight Off Boredom (Writer’s Workshop) =-.

  4. lindsey says:

    i think most people hate receiving cheesy gifts for valentine’s day-it’s a waste of time, money, and emotion. rather get someone a gift they’ll appreciate and use; show that you’ve taken the time to consider what they like. i found this valentine’s day guide that suggest gifts based on what phase of your relationship you’re in i highly recommend experiential gifts- an experience the two of you can share together and create an ever-lasting memory (rather than having an object you might not use that often). this could be a couple’s massage or a scenic helicopter tour of the city you live in. here are more ideas i found on the same website

  5. Brent Allard says:

    What a thorough post!(or series of posts, I guess.) If enough people read this you may be responsible for seriously decreasing divorce rates this year. Well done.

    Good advice on expressing yourself too. Anything comes across sweet if you start it with”I’m not very good at saying this kind of thing, but I really want you to know that_________”
    .-= Brent Allard´s last blog ..Cool Hand Luke =-.

  6. Hiedi says:

    My friend is getting married on Valentines day. Her partner was worried about never being able to afford to get married so he entered a competition to have their wedding paid for partly by a radio station. He surprised her with it just last week.
    .-= Hiedi´s last blog ..I know…I’m sorry… =-.

    • mesina says:

      Hiedi, oh what an awesome surprise for your friend! Weddings are expensive and it never feels good to say this is what I’d like but we’ve not got the money. I hope they have a great day!
      Brent, well thank you! Wow, the thought of my blog decreasing divorce rates is awesome. I should make that my goal or something! haha, kidding! Thanks again for the feedback though, I really appreciate some man perspective around here 🙂
      Lindsey, thanks for the links, I will check those out later! You are right about experiential gifts, those can really help couples pull together and share a wonderful moment.
      Thanks everyone for the feedback so far! My final installment will be upcoming and that’s just some ideas of how to think of HIS Valentine’s. x

  7. Maxie Gregg says:

    Okay, I didn’t know that bit about the perfumes – great info!!
    .-= Maxie Gregg´s last blog ..Okay, …Ick =-.

  8. Meg Michelle says:

    I will be sending this link to my man.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!
    .-= Meg Michelle´s last blog ..Bridal Necklace =-.

  9. Lolli says:

    I am loving all of your suggestions. In fact, I am loving all of your Valentines posts! These are great!

    • mesina says:

      Lolli, thank you! And thanks for taking time to pop in and say hello.
      Meg, haha so true! Sometimes we have to be a bit direct to let them know what we want.
      JDaniel, thanks!

  10. There’s nothing like spelling out for guys! 🙂 great post!

    stopping by via SITS! 🙂

  11. Happy SITS Saturday! Great Valentine’s how to.

  12. Tinka says:

    Happy Sunday 🙂 Stopping by from SITS!!!!
    .-= Tinka´s last blog ..Hello from California =-.

  13. Vesper says:

    My husband BETTER make this Valentine’s Day memorable! I’ll make sure he reads this post, LOL.
    .-= Vesper´s last blog ..In the Process… =-.

  14. charned says:

    ok, this is totally what i want…but what to do for him?

  15. Rachel says:

    What a great post! I love that it was written to the fella! Buzzed you!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Ideas to Make Valentines a Family Day! =-.

  16. You gave me some fresh ideas to take into the dating world. Thanks!


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