For every time…

For every time I’ve sat and beared it all woman to woman.

For every time I’ve lent a hand to someone in need.

For every time I’ve said how much I love my children and how proud they make me each day.

For every time I’ve looked back and wondered how life could have been, then smiled knowing it couldn’t have been this blessed.

For every time I’ve stayed up late worrying because someone I knew was in pain.

For every time I’ve looked my lovely man in the eye and smiled.

For every time I’ve stood up for something I truely believed in.

For every time I’ve been honest with myself.

For every time I’ve felt compassion for someone I’ve never met.

For every time I’ve cried about nothing at all.

For every time I acheived more than I originally believed I would.

For every time I was brave enough to share my true feelings.

For every time life tried to cut me down and I stood up again with my head held high.

For every time I faced my fear, whether I wanted to or not.

For every time I’ve shared laughter.

For every time I stand up and admit I’m only human.

For every time I’ve walked against the grain and embraced being different.

For every time I’ve been not always what everyone expected.

For every time life granted me the strength to love in a way only I can, the strength to love the people in my life just as they are.

For every time life granted them the strength to love me just how I am.

For every time I see these things in my life, nothing brings me more love and devotion to the life I was given and to the life I have made.

For every time, I simply say thank you.

12 Responses to “For every time…”

  1. Raising Z says:

    That was lovely

  2. Heather says:

    Stop by my blog I have The One Lovely Blog Award for you!

  3. Kim says:

    Great post! Hope you are having a great start to your week.

    • Lakisha says:

      Epic? Auf jeden Fall! In Lanquin kann man schon mal fesgnänteh. Zur Frage: Wenn ich reise, sind eigentlich immer nur Mädels mit dabei Außer in Mexico war ein Freund von Sarah, ein Spanier, dabei.

    • Io ho la mia doppia piastra sony a casa, e non la butto per tutto l’oro del mondo, magari un giorno varrà soldi :-)Comunque anche il vinile era dato per spacciato alcuni anni fa, ma ad oggi molti hanno fatto marcia indietro, e si ricominciano a produrre….io aspetterei a lanciare i nastri dalla finestra a capodanno a mo di stelle filanti :-)Per rispondere ad andrea occhi i cd registrabili, fino a qualche anno fa erano prodotti in parte utilizzando materiali organici, e quindi deteriorabili. Allo stato attuale della tecnologia, i materiali permettono durate superiori ai 100 anni, sufficienti direi 🙂

  4. Eva Gallant says:


  5. Melissa B. says:

    Greetings and Salutations! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did…Pontificating, today, on the state of the world.

    Yes, We Can? No, He Shouldn't

  6. Marybeth Poppins says:

    Very lovely 😀


    that was beautiful!

  8. One Sassy Girl says:

    i read this in bed this morning as i was waking up. it made me snuggle into my dog and give her the belly run she deserves. life looks so much better when we've got you to remind us how good it is!! as always, well said.

  9. parentingBYdummies says:

    Good for you! It's always nice to have your awesomeness confirmed:)

  10. Cheyenne says:

    For every time I gazed upon Maurice while I read your blog. You'd stab me in the heart for sure. Sorry. But fucking duh, it's primal. Loved this one, especially about life cutting you down and you standing with your head held high. That certainly typifies you Mes. The picture of resiliency, and yet, grace too. You amaze me lady, you're the only person I could never hate for having Maurice, lol. You deserve him. <3

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