Dear kids, I’m sorry about the pasta.

Sometimes you have the take the road of least resistance, the one that keeps you from falling off the metaphorical cliff of exhaustion. Which let me tell you seems a little tempting, because I imagine there is some kind of sleep involved at the bottom of that metaphor. That really sounds awesome, even if it defeats the point.

This not-so-single-single-Mom thing is a pretty tough gig sometimes. There is a delicate balance between keeping the kids in line and Lord of the Flies going down. For anyone who needs to know what a worst case scenario looks like with a group of kids, I recommend watching that movie. You know what, maybe not. Just keep your innocence. On top of just attempting to raise kids that don’t turn into criminals, I’m also running a full time business at home.

You know what this means? This means my to do list everyday looks a little like this….

post it note

I don’t even stand a chance.



It also means I look a little like this…..

Keep your opinions to yourself cat.

Keep your opinions to yourself cat.

Ok fine, I look a lot like that. It’s fast becoming a damn miracle if I can just remember the name of the child I am speaking to. Wait, you’re my kid right? Which one are you? I’m sorry, can I just give you a number? There really are no more hours in my day. Some days I just drink my coffee with my eyes closed so I can have 5 minutes of bliss without staring at the dishes and obsessing over how many jobs need to be done. From experience I would wear a shirt that you really can just throw away after, but not naked because that’s a lot more painful than throwing the shirt in the bin. At least consider a giant bib. Trust me on this one. Once in a while, I just have to do whatever thing is easy. Therefore, we eat a lot of mother freaking pasta around here.

When the pasta revolution started in my house, the kids were pretty stoked about it. Can I have cheese on mine? What kind of pasta is it? I LOVE PASTA! It was our happy food. I was happy, because dinner was just a quick boil and sauce away. The kids were happy, because cheese was involved and things are always better with cheese. Do you even know what it feels like to make four kids happy with one meal? It’s like winning the lottery. I could even spend an extra 5 minutes dumping vegetables in it and making myself feel like an awesome health conscious Mom. I have a really good imagination. Now the kids just start throwing their heads back and rolling their eyes about the pasta.

Which is the absolute worst reaction that kids ever invented.

They may as well just stab me right in the heart, because that is what they are doing mentally anyway. AGAAAIIN? UGH! I’m also pretty sure that my youngest son woke me up speaking Italian the other day, which slightly concerns me. Perhaps it really is time to get another meal in the rotation of Things Mom needs to cook in a hurry before there’s a mental health issue involved. You know what, that would be a best-selling cookbook. If only I had time to write it.

I’m sorry about the pasta kids, I really am. Sometimes we Moms just get stuck in the pasta rut, it happens. When you are trying to fit 134857,000 things into one single day, it really starts to get a little overwhelming. Sometimes pasta is just the thing that keeps me from diving off the metaphorical cliff of exhaustion.

On the other hand, if one of you guys started thinking about making the coffee in the morning instead of speaking Italian to me at 6am, there might be some room for change on my part.

Just sayin’.









6 Responses to “Dear kids, I’m sorry about the pasta.”

  1. Dawna McLain says:

    For us it’s been pizza…

  2. Dawna McLain says:

    OIy. I wasn’t done replying. . . Anyway, I just wanted to say, there are far worse things than pasta. And for the record, my success in finding something that all four children agree on and like is so limited that I have no conscious memory of it. . . Kudos to you! <3

  3. Brian Martin says:

    Why some people always dealing with this kind of thing, it’s not really a problem. It depends on the person whose dealing with it!
    Brian Martin´s last blog post – Moods for Guitar

  4. Dany says:

    I just wanted to say, there are far worse things than pasta. And for the record, my success in finding something zombie games for kids

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