Flowers? For me?!

You know, I am a sucker for getting flowers. I get all gushy and start thinking that I should have prepared a speech and then start calling everyone I know raving on about how I totally got flowers and how somebody must really love me. I think that’s a woman thing you know?

But really, I think the key to any woman’s heart is to buy her flowers that she is not allergic to. Chocolate equally says I love you enough to injest you with saturated fats, but flowers say it with far fewer calories. Plus you don’t feel as though you have to share flowers with anyone, they are yours to gaze upon and put a little sunshine in the house. It’s a win-win all round.

Right now with Summer having offically arrived, the florists are booming with some absolutely gorgeous summer bouquets to brighten up anyone’s day – or week if you buy the right ones. But if you are lazy like me, strapped for time or just plain loving the convienience of online shopping and want to send flowers online, take a peek at Interflora’s selection of summer flowers and I promise you won’t be dissapointed. I have used their service before a few times, especially since they are international and I have people back in the good ol USA to ship to and I have to admit, I found it very convienient and the quality has always been amazing. I recall ordering some for my Aunt and she got them the next day. You can’t beat that international.

I recently got their Scent of Summer vase arrangement, which I have to say was simply stunning. (Yes it’s the one in the photo for this post…isn’t it sweet?!) It smelled amazing and the vase it came with was a good quality. I figured I’d get to enjoy the flowers for perhaps 4-5 days, but hand on my heart those babies were still going strong after a week. It was shortly after the week came and went that they finally couldn’t go on any longer and started to surrender. There are STILL a few flowers in their doing their best to keep up morale attempting to stay gorgeous. Um it’s been 10 days since they arrrived. I’m kinda stunned actually and refuse to throw them out until the last one finally gives up. I’m getting sort of attatched to them now and started to name them, it’s going to be hard when they all go.

Also, if you are still scratching your head as to what to get your Dad for Father’s Day, bet you would have never considered a florist for man gifts right? Interflora have a whole section dedicated to some great Father’s Day gifts and before you go thinking your Dad would probably just give the flowers to your Mom and be all dissapointed, there’s barely a bouquet in sight there. The range of gifts go from affordable breakfast hampers, luxury hampers (if your siblings might chip in), personalized whiskey and even a bonsai tree. How can you go wrong with personalized whiskey people?  Last order dates for Father’s day stuff is 2pm on Friday, so you still have time! GO! NOW! HURRY!

A big thanks to Interflora for sending me flowers and making me feel super special. Also, If you are in the UK and needing to dig up some florists in London look no further. There is an extensive list of flower delivery with Interflora there, so you will be spoiled for choice.

Now to work on doing loads of nice stuff for Maurice to replace the bouquet in the next week for the vase….

Yes dear that was a hint. Ah hem.

Apparently my brain needs rewiring

I’m sure that none of you are surprised at today’s post title. I’m guessing it’s no shock and that I’m just stating the obvious.

To those of you nodding in agreement, I just want to thank you for actually reading the blog and putting up with my insanity.

So at the start of the New Year, I announced that I was going to be on a mission to get my sexy back. Yeah, I know it’s been a while. However, I have been on that mission and since I announced it, I’ve managed to drop half a stone. (Which is 7lbs to those of you that don’t know, because according to the English a stone weighs 14 pounds. Weird.) It’s not loads, but it’s better than nothing. So when the weight loss came to a halt I was a bit surprised. I mean it couldn’t be the cake you guys, it said low calorie which means I can eat the whole box.

I decided, I was a woman on a mission. A woman determined to figure out why I needed cake and why the scales weren’t moving for me. I can tell you I lost a lot of sleep…..there had to be something in my way. Some magical force that was stopping me from shedding the pounds.

Turns out, it was my freaking brain.

You can imagine the shock. My own brain betraying me like that. I thought we had an understanding. I figured all those voices telling me that half the calories meant double the portion were just being logical. Nope. The whole time they were undermining all my efforts to be slim and healthy.

This is serious you guys.

I needed a solution fast and as I reached out for another box of cake I stumbled upon someone on the internet raving on about a Slimpod. This perked my attention. I’m thinking sleek modern design, I step into an alien like pod and come out Claudia Schiffer after being baked for an hour. Perfect. But the folks behind the Slimpod at Thinking Slimmer set me straight. Less alien pod and more reprogramming your brain. After a whole 2 minutes freaking out about brainwashing, I decided it was probably a lot safer than an alien pod anyway and wanted to give it a go.  I got a phone call with a super lovely lady named Sasha, she assessed that considering my needs I could go with the Drop two Dress Sizes – then she quickly asked “Or are you more of a jeans person?” It was in the middle of the afternoon. I glanced down. Blushed. Then asked if there was an option for dropping two jammie sizes. They haven’t gotten to that one yet, so I took the Drop two Jeans Sizes instead. (closest thing right?) It’s not even yet on the site you guys, that’s how privileged I am. I nearly asked for the Chocoholics one but then I felt I wasn’t quite ready to go that far yet. Baby steps.

That was two weeks ago. Let me give you the low down on what this Slimpod is and how it works.

You download the MP3 or opt to have a CD sent out to you if you prefer. Each night before bed (or anytime each day, but before bed is best) you listen to the 10 minute recording of a really saucy sounding guy called Trevor who talks to you about how amazing you are and how easy it is to achieve your goals. Then I’m not entirely sure what he goes on to say because given the chance to lay in bed to relax and I’m off to sleep in less than 3 minutes flat. Plus he’s just really relaxing to listen to. Falling asleep is just fine, because it is reprogramming your brain so you don’t need to stay awake for the procedure.

The recommendation is to listen for 21 days in a row, when it becomes a habit. For those 21 days you write a one liner on your workbook thing (Which you print out) giving a brief description of how you feel using it. Easy. They even send you some great motivating emails each day for those first 21 days to help keep you focused and on track. After the 21 days if you want to keep listening, every day, twice a week, once a day, once a month…whatever – then naturally you can keep going to stay focused.

I noticed changes after day one. The next day I was eating porridge for breakfast instead of chocolate cake um….cereal and actually leaving stuff on my plate and stopping when I was full. You really need to understand that this is huge. However I was a little concerned that I was so easy to brainwash. On the other hand, if it takes me closer to feeling better than I’m down with that. Week one and I lost 2 pounds. Whoa.

I weigh in tomorrow for week two’s results, but I have noticed a significant change steadily since I’ve been using it and would like to keep going with it for a longer period than three weeks. I promise to keep you guys updated on how I go and also be posting a Monday Project Sexy post so you guys can all make fun of me attempting to get my mojo back. I’ll actually attempt to post some useful stuff like where to get the best bargains on make up to how to not fall flat on your face while attempting to exercise. That one is going to take some extensive research though because seriously, google hasn’t helped me figure it out yet.

So that’s what I’ve been up to the past two weeks, getting my brain rewired. I did ask to make sure it wouldn’t suddenly make me Einstein and also checked to see if they had something that I could play to the family while they slept about helping out with more housework, but they didn’t have anything to help me out there. Maybe it doesn’t fit in with the “Thinking Slimmer” theme of things.

I’m totally starting my own pod thingy. I think I’ll call it “Maidpod”.

I’ll keep you guys posted at the end of the 21 day period to see if my brain is completely rewired. Or at least half way rewired. Either way it should be good.

Bring it on Slimpod, let’s do this.


P.S. – This was a sponsored post. On account of the wonderful people at Thinking Slimmer have given me the chance to try their Slimpod out and tell everyone how I honestly feel about it. Thank you!

Moving your Google Friend Connect followers to a new WordPress blog

We interrupt the usual programming today to bring you this special bulletin

I double dog freaking pinky swear to you that tomorrow I will be back to my nutjob self. Cross my heart and all that jazz.

Yesterday I told you all about how to move your Blogger blog over to a WordPress platform. So today, I’m going to show you how to force your Google Friend Connect followers over with you to the new blog. Ok maybe forced is a harsh word, so we’ll say gently guide them that way we can all feel better about it right? I mean, you don’t want to be leaving people behind.

This method uses the “Google Friend Connect Integration” plugin by Social Mind. (there’s like nothing on their page but a search box, but it’s a genuine plugin)

So here’s the low down peeps….

1. Go to and sign in with your google account info.

2. On the left hand side you’ll see all your blogs there, so click the blog you intend to migrate over.

3. Now, take a look up at your address bar in your browser – at the end of the URL you’ll see a 20 digit number this is your Google Friend Connect ID for that blog copy that number into a clipboard or notepad. (See below for example)

4. Now look on the left hand side again and see below your blog’s name a list of options. Click “Settings” (Click for screenshot)

5. Where it says Home URL insert the URL of your new Blog’s address (Click for screenshot)

6. Click “Save your settings” at the bottom of the Settings screen.

7.  Now log into your WordPress dashboard (

8. Go to Plugins (down the left hand side of the dashboard) and click “Add New”

9. Search for the “Google Friend Connect Integration” plugin by Social Mind.

10. Install the plugin.

11. Now look on the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard and scroll down to “Settings” and you should see “GFC Integration” – click it.

12. Now you are at the Google Friend Connect Integration Options screen. Paste your 20 digit ID number from step 3 into the “Friend Connect SiteId” box. (See example below).

13. Click “Update Options”. (That’s the button at the bottom of the Google Friend Connect Integration Options screen)

14. Now the only thing left is to insert your Google Friend Connect code onto your new blog! (The best place to do this, is under “Appearance” then “Widgets” in your WordPress Dashboard and I find it easier to use the “Text” box and drag it into the Sidebar section and put the code in there….done!)

Now, I read somewhere that you should be able to do the integration for the Google Friend Connect without changing the Home URL (step 5) – but I didn’t find that worked. Instead the GFC told me that the home URL didn’t match – so hence I’ve included everything you need to migrate it over.  These steps worked perfectly for me and I got things migrated over easy and smoothly. (after the few tests without the steps of course)

I found the Google Friend Connect Integration Plugin to allow the GFC to actually work, as just copy and pasting the code into a text box didn’t cut it.

Please let me know if you used the guide and how you found it!

Good luck and Blog on Peeps…Blog on.

Making the move from Blogger to WordPress

With the recent Blogger crash over this past weekend, I’ve heard so many Bloggers in agony and asking about how easy moving over to WordPress is. But considering moving your Blog over is daunting prospect, the fears of losing followers and things going wrong is stressful just thinking about it.

It really need not be stressful. I made the move over a year ago and found it very easy – very fast – and I didn’t lose followers left right and center.

This is a step by step guide on how to import your Blogger blog to a WordPress platform. I will be doing a second post later on how to move over your Google Friend Connect followers too, so you don’t lose anyone in the move. (Yes you can move them too!)

Ok before I talk about importing, there’s a few things you need to consider before you make the move.

Your blog theme. It’s quite likely that a move is going to mean a new blog theme too. Consider what theme options you have beforehand so you can play around with either a new theme, or see if your current one has a WordPress version. There are plenty of fab WordPress themes out there and I used the move as an excuse to have a makeover!

Decide if you are going free WordPress blog, or self hosted. Self hosted is what I went with, but you will need to consider a website host, paying for a domain name and installing WordPress yourself. The costs are not that much, with the average domain name being somewhere between £6-10 a year and you can get very cheap webspace (£2.99 a month approx). You’ll need to do your homework and most web hosts have a good control panel for installation. Many are equip with Fantastico, which makes installation a simple click. Otherwise just get yourself a free WordPress blog with a simple sign up.

But can make the move and play around with the new site before announcing your move. You don’t need to panic that importing your blog means it disappears from the old Blogger site – it will still be there. So you can import, get your theme straight and then redirect people when you are happy and ready to roll!

Ok so here’s how you do it in 10 moves.

1. The first steps are signing up to WordPress, or getting your WordPress installed on your self hosted site if you are going that route.

2. Sign into your WordPress dashboard.

3. On the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard are boxes filled with options. Scroll down until you see “Tools” and click “Import” Click here for Screenshot

4. Now you should see a list – at the top of that list it should say “Blogger”. Click Blogger. Click here for Screenshot

5. You’ll now be prompted to install a plugin – don’t worry this isn’t on your pc it’s just on the WordPress platform. Click “Install Now” at the top right hand corner. Click for Screenshot

6. Once installed, click “Activate & Run Importer”.

7. You should be taken to the screen that let’s you authorize WordPress to access your Blogger account. Click the Authorize button after the “Howdy!” text that you see. (Psst….if you are not at that screen, just repeat steps 3 and 4 again)

8. Now you are taken to a Google Accounts screen, it should say something like “The site (Your Blog here) is requesting access to your Google Account for the product(s) listed below.” There are two buttons at the bottom “Grant Access” and “Deny Access” – Click “Grant Access”

9. If you are already signed into Google, then you come right back to your WordPress Dashboard which should show all your blogs under your Blogger account! If you are not, then it will take you to the sign in screen for your Google account details. Just sign in so WordPress can get to your Blogger details.

10. Once you are at the Blogger Blogs screen in your WordPress Dashboard, you’ll see your blog(s) listed there, with how many posts and comments you currently have. On the far right, you will see the “Import” button – click Import to move your Blogger blog posts and comments from your readers. Click for Screenshot

That is it! At least for the move over from Blogger to WordPress.


NOW once you are happy with your theme and ready for your readers to move over to your new blog – here’s a tip to ensure you don’t lose anyone.

  • You’ll want to be sure your readers can still see your feed in their Blogger Reader. Sign into your Blogger dashboard and under your blog, click “Settings” Then under “Settings” click on “Site Feed”.
  • Where it says “Post Feed Redirect URL” you’ll want to put your new blogs RSS site feed in that box. Click for Screenshot
  • Now your readers will still be able to see your posts on the new blog right from Blogger. See here

That’s it! Done. Now you can enjoy your new site and have minimal damage. But don’t forget, if you are not happy with the switch, your Blogger site is still there and in tact.

REMEMBER: To go into your Google Account Webmaster Tools and submit your Sitemap (Either an xml document OR RSS feed) – that way Google knows where you are and to get you in the searches.

To set up your Google Analytics for the new blog (if you use that) to keep up to date with your stats.

I hope that helped. Honestly, it’s not a difficult move despite all the screenshots, links and instructions! (I just hoped to make it foolproof) All of this shouldn’t take you long and I hope you are surprised at how easy it is.

Also….install the Askimet plugin in WordPress and save yourself the hassle of the spam commenters.

Happy Blogging!

Part 2 is coming with how to move your Google Friend Connect followers over to the new blog.

Friday the 13th

It’s so Friday the 13th.

When I was a teen, we used to plan get togethers for ultimate horror movie nights. It would usually start off with about 8 movies planned and I’m fairly sure we all started snoring by the second film. Cos we were hardcore like that. In our defence, it was usually because we’d seen them all like a hundred times beforehand.

But today I haven’t a horror movie in sight in honour of the day of doom. Nope, today I figured my efforts were better spent scoping out all the black cats in the neighborhood as a safety measure to prevent any bad luck coming my way. I mean everybody knows that to be crossing a black cat today multiplies the bad luck by like a million. Thankfully, we only have one in our neighbourhood. But unfortunately he is like

a mutha freaking bad ass mo fo.

I’m totally serious. He comes your way and starts out looking like this

I am luring you into a false sense of security with my hypnotic powers of sweetness and light. Purr baby, Purr.

I am luring you into a false sense of security with my hypnotic powers of sweetness and light. Purr baby, Purr.

It’s all a front. He’s a total fraud. Because he strolls up to my front door, looking all sweet and innocent, trying to pretend he just wants me to pet him – and that’s when he spots my dog’s behind me at the door.  No more Mr. Nice Kitty

He scares the holy living crap out of me.

He scares the holy living crap out of me.

He terrifies my dogs you guys, this is serious shit.

So today while I was out walking my dog, I thought he’d have plotted a ninja assassination on our asses while we innocently strolled to collect my daughter from preschool. I figured today was like his day of evil terror and destruction so me and my dog were feeling a bit exposed and edgy on the walk. We were jumping at every little whisper thinking that damn cat was going to leap out with a grenade or whip out some sort of chainsaw and chase us down the road. It should be noted that we were entirely not equipt on our walk today to be dealing with a psychotic chainsaw massacre cat. How the hell do you prep for something like that anyway? I should google that.

We survived the walk there and back and there have been no signs of his unholiness all day. I’m a little relieved and worried all at once. Relieved I am not going to suffer eternal damnation at the hands of an evil black cat crossing my path on Friday the 13th….worried because I am wondering if he’s plotting his evil plans the day after Friday the 13th when we are least expecting it and thus we are not out of the water yet. I dunno. I’d like to think his owners are aware of his demonic powers and figure that Friday the 13th is not the day to be sending him outside to bring bad luck to everyone. So thus he is just indoors ripping their carpet into little tiny pieces and tearing the hell out of their really nice curtains, while they are locked in a cupboard under the stairs like Harry Potter too scared to come out and face him.

Because that is the price you pay for owning an evil cat you guys, let this be a lesson to you all.

But if you guys don’t hear from me tomorrow, I suggest you go find that damn cat.

I will not sleep tonight.

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