Ask Me

Ask Me. Get promoted. Win Stuff.

You know what I love doing around here? Getting people involved. Community is a beautiful thing, helping each other out is what makes a community so darn special.

I know, you’re getting all oooh and ahhhh on me aren’t you?!

Artistically Nuts is playing host to a wonderful Blog Project called Ask Me. Get promoted. Win Stuff. (of course it’s wonderful, I thought it up! Duh!) Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit a question to Me, it can be anything you like. Always wanted to know a Walrus’ mating season but afraid to ask? Ask Me! Not sure what to buy your Aunt Martha for Christmas? Ask Me! (you get the idea) Email your question to: (that’s the important bit)

  2. When you submit your question, let me know whether or not you’ve got a blog. Most importantly, does that blog have a swanky, all dancing, all singing BLOG BUTTON?! Tell me where to find such a button on your blog and bingo! It will be included in my post if your question is chosen. (Psst…it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a blog, you can still submit a question to be entered into the *drum roll* PRIZE DRAW! *gasp* I know right?!)

  3. Every Wednesday, I will be doing an Ask Me post, complete with a few of your weird and wonderful questions that you’ve submitted, blog buttons included, but at least a link to your blog directing my readers straight to you. (can I hear a whoop whoop?!) Or at the very least (if you don’t have a blog) your name all highlighted on the interwebz on my blog, in my post, which might fool your Grandma into thinking you’re famous for a day. (You can send thank you cards direct to me thanks)

  4. As if I’d stop there….once a month EACH AND EVERY PARTICIPANT, whether your question was picked or not, will be entered into a PRIZE DRAW (thats the exciting bit right?!) I will announce the prizes for the upcoming month, so you know all month what you’re aiming for. That way you won’t be fooled into winning something like a pack of chewing gum. Which would really be an anti-climax if you were hoping for a car all month wouldn’t it?! (FYI, I won’t be giving away cars. Unless someone is donating one. In which case, I might win that month’s prize…*COUGH*)

  5. That month’s winner will get to be displayed, all under the spotlights of….My sidebar. [insert crowd oooh’s]. So if you have a blog, it gets a free month under the sidebar spotlight for all my readers to see. Blog buttons first, links if nothing else, but always with a small description of what your blog is all about. No blog?! No problem! I can simply name you if you wish and you can shout out who your favorite blogger is!

So Mesina, is that the only way I can get involved in this awesome little blog project? Uhh, who said that?! But no, this isn’t the only avenue to get yourself tucked into this. If your blog, or just yourself, has a product, a service perhaps or something that you can offer as a prize for that month, your site will be displayed in my sidebar, along side the winner, with a huge fat thank you and ”Sponsored By”! On top of that, I will be keeping a page on my header, that will list the Winners and Sponsors of months gone by, so you’ll always have a permanent home at And then there was me. How about that eh?!

And what exactly makes your blog so awesome that I’d want to participate? Seriously, there is nothing so particularly awesome about my blog over others. Which is why I’m running this project in the first place! (ok maybe there’s like 3 things really awesome about my blog but meh, my ego ain’t that big honey) This is all about the community, one blogger, getting other bloggers to visit other bloggers, to get people involved and if you can’t get down with a prize draw once a month, I don’t even know what to say.

So whether you’re a blogger, a reader, or a budding buisness, there’s a little something here for everyone. So go on…