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It’s that day again. That day when I get to be the know it all I always dreamed of. Thankfully we are all getting back into the usual routines again, with the summer drifting behind us and the kids back to school soon. I don’t know what it is about Autumn that makes me so inspired, but I truly come alive from this point of the year onwards.

So much so in fact, that inspiration was my idea for the giveaway this month. I figured since many of us will be back to writing more heavily, with the sunny days turning to cold rainy ones, something to help those creative juices would be in order. So this month’s Ask Me prize is a beautiful hardbacked journal, which is an exact copy of my own personal journal here at home. (psst….click on the thumbnails to see completely)



If this journal doesn’t wanna make you get down to some writing, then I dunno what to say. These were the best pics I could find that did it some sort of justice. The front is magnetic, with metallic type colors embossed on it. It’s 160 lined pages for you to fill, with a red ribbon marker and a little pouch in the back for all your inspirational ”stuff”. I love the size, not too big, not too small, measuring at 130mm x 180mm.

So here is today’s question from one of my oldest bloggin’ buddies Eva.

Eva from Wrestling with Retirement  asked: I would like to use skype on my computer, but when I sign on to skype, this guy I went to high school with calls me.  Like all the time.  It’s not a romantic thing, believe me.  I think he’s just bored.  But he is boring.   I don’t mind chatting on skype with him once or twice a year, but not every freakin’ day.  We don’t have that much to talk about!  How can I use skype but avoid him?  You know what’s great about networking programs like Skype and Windows Live? That you get to keep in touch with everyone. You know what sucks about them? That you get to keep in touch with everyone. I mean, you’re not even safe to use your pc anymore sitting in your hair curlers and bathrobe over your morning coffee in case some weirdo might video call you on Skype cos he’s bored.

 Thankfully, the inventors of these programs also got their boring schoolmates, psycho ex’s and Mother in Law’s attempting to contact them and collaborated to stop such madness. So here’s how you block the buggers…..

  • Get your contacts list up and right click on the person’s name you want to block. You should get a menu that looks like this:
Skype Menu

Is there a Bomb button?

  • Then scroll down to Bomb…I mean Block this Person…and click.
  • MAFIA HIT OPTION: You’ll have the option to get Vinny to whack em, totally removing them from your contacts list forever, blocking them from ever seeing you again if you want them taken out permanently. To do this, just tick the box that says Remove from your Contact List which Skype will ask after you block them. They’ll be sleepin’ wit the fishes.


  • SUPERHERO INVISIBLE MODE: Just leave the Remove from your Contact List box unticked and you’ll simply block that person from seeing you’re online until you wish to speak to them later. You’ll know you’ve done it as they will have a red circle with a line through it next to their name in your list. To let them see your awesomeness again, just right click their name in the contacts list and simply scroll down to unblock this person. I give you 5 minutes after unblocking before you regret doing it. Heh.

That’s it. That’s how you can use Skype but not have those weirdo Skype stalkers on there ruining all your fun and games by attempting to catch you out in your sexy green face mask and nuthin but your bra and undies. I hate Skype stalkers!

Enjoy your Wednesday folks and remember to get your questions sent in to for your chance to win the journal this month! Want the low down on all this Ask Me stuff? Click here for the full official word on the street.

So go on…

Ask Me!


12 Responses to “Ask Me, the skype stalkers”

  1. Oh that is some handy dandy info right there. I love that you’re this chilled out earth mama and still have time to figure out this slightly techie stuff and helps us morons out there.

    I’m barely on Skype these days for the fact that it is so easy to get stalked out there. Thanks for this and to Eva for asking such a useful question!
    Babes about Town´s last blog post ..Splashing out at the V&A

    • mesina says:

      Glad I could be useful for once! But I love how you’re all totally babe-a-licious and still totally good for my ego Mama. I love you more than chocolates and ice cream. xx

  2. Nicki says:

    You are right about regretting the unblocking after 5 minutes. Except, in my case, it is 2-3. I am always marked as “offline” on Facebook now and if I even go online for a second to see who else is on, I get THE PERSON! Grrrrr!! I am in a permanent Facebook Time-Out!
    Nicki´s last blog post ..Why Do I Love This Animal

  3. Angelia says:

    I’ve never used Skype. Not sure why, just haven’t jumped on that bad wagon yet. Being a tech geek by trade you’d think I’d be all about it. Ima have to try it out.
    Angelia´s last blog post ..Post-It Note Tuesday!

  4. Eva Gallant says:

    Thanks so much for your help. I should have been able to figure this out, but as one of your OLDEST blogging buddies, I’m a techno idiot! (except that I did figure out how to revamp my blog, all by myself!) lol
    Eva Gallant´s last blog post ..The Second Half of 84

    • mesina says:

      Eva let’s just be honest…you are immortal not old. I know you are modest about these sorts of things but you know, I think we all are mature enough to handle the truth. But even immortals sometimes need technical support, no one is perfect! How dull would that be?!? xx

  5. Sona says:

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  8. Dany says:

    I know right??!? I am often offline on Facebook, but mostly because I have a baby in one arm and can’t type to people one handed. My awesomeness doesn’t extend to those kinda skills. Pfft. free online games unblocked

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