Apparently my brain needs rewiring

I’m sure that none of you are surprised at today’s post title. I’m guessing it’s no shock and that I’m just stating the obvious.

To those of you nodding in agreement, I just want to thank you for actually reading the blog and putting up with my insanity.

So at the start of the New Year, I announced that I was going to be on a mission to get my sexy back. Yeah, I know it’s been a while. However, I have been on that mission and since I announced it, I’ve managed to drop half a stone. (Which is 7lbs to those of you that don’t know, because according to the English a stone weighs 14 pounds. Weird.) It’s not loads, but it’s better than nothing. So when the weight loss came to a halt I was a bit surprised. I mean it couldn’t be the cake you guys, it said low calorie which means I can eat the whole box.

I decided, I was a woman on a mission. A woman determined to figure out why I needed cake and why the scales weren’t moving for me. I can tell you I lost a lot of sleep…..there had to be something in my way. Some magical force that was stopping me from shedding the pounds.

Turns out, it was my freaking brain.

You can imagine the shock. My own brain betraying me like that. I thought we had an understanding. I figured all those voices telling me that half the calories meant double the portion were just being logical. Nope. The whole time they were undermining all my efforts to be slim and healthy.

This is serious you guys.

I needed a solution fast and as I reached out for another box of cake I stumbled upon someone on the internet raving on about a Slimpod. This perked my attention. I’m thinking sleek modern design, I step into an alien like pod and come out Claudia Schiffer after being baked for an hour. Perfect. But the folks behind the Slimpod at Thinking Slimmer set me straight. Less alien pod and more reprogramming your brain. After a whole 2 minutes freaking out about brainwashing, I decided it was probably a lot safer than an alien pod anyway and wanted to give it a go.  I got a phone call with a super lovely lady named Sasha, she assessed that considering my needs I could go with the Drop two Dress Sizes – then she quickly asked “Or are you more of a jeans person?” It was in the middle of the afternoon. I glanced down. Blushed. Then asked if there was an option for dropping two jammie sizes. They haven’t gotten to that one yet, so I took the Drop two Jeans Sizes instead. (closest thing right?) It’s not even yet on the site you guys, that’s how privileged I am. I nearly asked for the Chocoholics one but then I felt I wasn’t quite ready to go that far yet. Baby steps.

That was two weeks ago. Let me give you the low down on what this Slimpod is and how it works.

You download the MP3 or opt to have a CD sent out to you if you prefer. Each night before bed (or anytime each day, but before bed is best) you listen to the 10 minute recording of a really saucy sounding guy called Trevor who talks to you about how amazing you are and how easy it is to achieve your goals. Then I’m not entirely sure what he goes on to say because given the chance to lay in bed to relax and I’m off to sleep in less than 3 minutes flat. Plus he’s just really relaxing to listen to. Falling asleep is just fine, because it is reprogramming your brain so you don’t need to stay awake for the procedure.

The recommendation is to listen for 21 days in a row, when it becomes a habit. For those 21 days you write a one liner on your workbook thing (Which you print out) giving a brief description of how you feel using it. Easy. They even send you some great motivating emails each day for those first 21 days to help keep you focused and on track. After the 21 days if you want to keep listening, every day, twice a week, once a day, once a month…whatever – then naturally you can keep going to stay focused.

I noticed changes after day one. The next day I was eating porridge for breakfast instead of chocolate cake um….cereal and actually leaving stuff on my plate and stopping when I was full. You really need to understand that this is huge. However I was a little concerned that I was so easy to brainwash. On the other hand, if it takes me closer to feeling better than I’m down with that. Week one and I lost 2 pounds. Whoa.

I weigh in tomorrow for week two’s results, but I have noticed a significant change steadily since I’ve been using it and would like to keep going with it for a longer period than three weeks. I promise to keep you guys updated on how I go and also be posting a Monday Project Sexy post so you guys can all make fun of me attempting to get my mojo back. I’ll actually attempt to post some useful stuff like where to get the best bargains on make up to how to not fall flat on your face while attempting to exercise. That one is going to take some extensive research though because seriously, google hasn’t helped me figure it out yet.

So that’s what I’ve been up to the past two weeks, getting my brain rewired. I did ask to make sure it wouldn’t suddenly make me Einstein and also checked to see if they had something that I could play to the family while they slept about helping out with more housework, but they didn’t have anything to help me out there. Maybe it doesn’t fit in with the “Thinking Slimmer” theme of things.

I’m totally starting my own pod thingy. I think I’ll call it “Maidpod”.

I’ll keep you guys posted at the end of the 21 day period to see if my brain is completely rewired. Or at least half way rewired. Either way it should be good.

Bring it on Slimpod, let’s do this.


P.S. – This was a sponsored post. On account of the wonderful people at Thinking Slimmer have given me the chance to try their Slimpod out and tell everyone how I honestly feel about it. Thank you!

11 Responses to “Apparently my brain needs rewiring”

  1. Eva Gallant says:

    How much does the CD cost?

  2. Mesina says:

    Hey Eva! The CD is around £29.99 – but that’s English pounds! I feel it’s well worth the price if you were going to be good about using it each night. I have had no problem remembering to do so 🙂

  3. This sounds amazing but I already do a weight loss hypnotherapy on my ipad and nothing seems to be working. It is still peanuts and cake for me. Do you think this is any different? I would love to try it but have spent so much money on “diets” before I am sceptical. Love your blog BTW
    All for Aleyna´s last blog post ..Float to the Coast for Motor Neurone Disease

    • mesina says:

      Hey Aleyna! I think it works if you are ready for it to work. Nothing is going to start working for you until you are in a place within yourself to know it will. I have used hypnotherapy diet cds before and didn’t find they worked. This one however is less of the “go deeper, down the stairs, until you’re at brainwashing point…” and just Trevor talking in a soothing voice to you like a friend. I have found that all my snacking has ceased to exist and that when I am eating I suddenly get his voice popping in reminding me to focus on each bite. My weightloss has only been 2 lbs, so you can’t get disheartened when the weight doesn’t fall right off – you have to think that some change is better than none and in the longer term you will lose the weight and keep it off. It’s definetly not a quick fix, but it IS a change in your attitude toward food which I believe is the real root of the problem with dieting.

  4. Kristy says:

    Have you had any hunky, soft voiced men in your dreams lately? That alone may get me to try it…
    Kristy´s last blog post ..Trust

  5. nicki says:

    Congrats and good luck! I would have to ask them, “do you have a Drop-Two-Skin-Sizes-Cuz-I-Am-Too-Lazy-To-Put-Clothes-On program? Or how about the Look-My-Ass-Doesn’t-Jiggle-As-I-Brush-My-Teeth-Anymore program?”

    Please DO keep us posted! I just dusted off the old weights again!! I am determined to lose the 8 pounds I want to lose before the fall! I lost 12-13 over the past year and I wanted to lose 20. I think I can, I think I can!

    Looking for your post now on how to switch from Blogger. Still not sure I want to but getting braver…
    nicki´s last blog post ..God Belongs With My Children!

    • Lucinda says:

      It’s a pleasure to find such rainoialtty in an answer. Welcome to the debate.

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  6. Very interesting, and somewhat disturbing and inspirational all at once. Kind of like your blog, missy. I’m sold 😉 Let us know how it goes, I do believe in mind control as i definitely used some form of self-hypnosis to help me pass my driving test the second time. Now I need another course to help me get back on the road!

    Wishing you all the sexiness in the world x
    Babes about Town´s last blog post ..A LolliBopping Picnic in Regent’s Park

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