My promise

Sponsorship disclaimer and my promise to my loyal Readers

Occasionally around here, I do Sponsored posts. That means, that I sometimes accept compensation for posts, which can be in the form of cash or free goods (products to review, days out, event tickets, etc). Where I have received a form of compensation, those posts are clearly marked that they are Sponsored Posts or that This post is a review.

Absolutely 100% of these sponsored posts and reviews, are entirely my content, written and edited by me – and me alone – and are my opinions, pure and honest. No one tells me what to write, I wouldn’t accept the offer if that was the case. Companies asking for reviews are made fully aware that I will give my honest feedback, be they positive or negative. I have never been afraid to give my opinion and probably at times have way too much of it. If I am given a crappy product to review, you better believe I’ll be just fine letting you all know it’s crappy.

I have also opened my blog up for advertisers and receive cash payments from those advertisers on a monthly or yearly basis. NO amount of cash will entice me to any ad that I am not fully happy or comfortable with promoting. All ads are vetted by me first and I will refuse anything that isn’t relevant to my readers (or potentially relevant).

My Readers and my reputation is far too precious to me to sell for money.

My reason for accepting compensation for posts or advertising

So why have I decided to monetize my blog and do sponsored posts, advertising or reviews? I wanted to address this firmly to my readers so you can understand my decision. Having four children, taking a blog up to the next level isn’t something always easy to budget for. Sure I can blog for free, but I wanted to take the blog that much further and push a few boundaries. It is my ambition to become a writer in a full time career, monetizing the blog helps support me to do what I’m most passionate about write.

I also put a generous portion of the funds aside to give it straight back to you. Ask me. Get promoted. Win stuff.  is a blog project entirely funded out of my own pocket. That means the monthly giveaway is paid for often by me. The sponsored posts allow me to make these giveaways possible, between the product itself and the shipping and handling to my lucky readers. It’s a way of me being able to do something fun for my readers and make the blog much more interactive and enjoyable.

Am I just a sucker for free stuff? Hell no! I turn down offers for freebies if I honestly don’t feel you guys would be interested in reading about it or if it’s just not relevant to the blog. I’m hardly going to review garden crap – I suck at gardening! (and uhh…this isn’t a gardening blog yo)

I don’t have to disclose my reasons, but I feel I owe it to you guys to tell them to you. I’m not ever going to whore out my blog – of that you have my word.

Thanks for putting up with the odd ad, sponsored post or review. xx