about the blog

Artistically Nuts was started in May 2009. Originally, it was hosted on Blogger and in January 2010 moved to WordPress. Mostly, it began as just a project for my writing, a place to get out what was stirring in my mind. It didn’t take long to become much more than that. With the support of some amazing readers, fellow bloggers and many real life friends and family, And then there was me has taken on a life of it’s own.

The writings here are varied, since no one person lives in a single theme, I write very often from the heart, from experience, but most importantly from the way I see life. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes from sheer frustration, through my experiences as a parent, partner, animal lover, or just what I see in others. Whatever I’m writing, I hope that you’ll relate to some of it, take something away with you or just smile.

Whatever the future holds for Artistically Nuts, I’d like to thank everyone for their devoted support. Without it, this blog would be nothing but a bunch of words lost in cyberspace. Thank you for making it more than that.