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About the Author


TheNutcaseWhat can I say, I’m a freaking nutcase.

Apparently I’m in my 30’s, but I’m still in denial about the whole thing and waiting for proof that my parents were just incredibly drunk and forgot what year I was actually born. Oh yes, I live somewhere on the outskirts of normal, whatever that is. As an aspiring writer, this blog tends to reflect the inner workings of my mind, from the moments of inspiration I’ve felt, to the utter insanity that is raising four kids and just being a woman. Which FYI has a few more mental breakdowns than people might suggest.

I also have a sense of humor (just in case I suck at writing sarcasm), I can laugh at my faults and get sucker punched by life. Not everything in this world is sugar and spice, so there’s  plenty I like to write about on the lighter side of life. Sometimes I swear, because I’m human and being human allows me to let my hair down once in a while and say something a little less ladylike. Be prepared for that, because I’ll never apologize.

I was born and raised on the west coast of America. I never thought I’d live anywhere else but there, until October of 1999 when I found myself on a plane to the UK. Sometimes life has other plans than the ones you make, going with the flow was the best thing I ever did. I’ve lived here for over 13 years now, loving Europe and calling this place home.

Although some people call me a traitor and that I should be tied up and hurled with old Starbucks cups.

That’s me, unique and different and hell, probably just 70% pure hormones. You’ve been warned.

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